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Unknown ferns

I recently went by my friends shop to see what plants he had and he showed
me a number of "ferns." He is really good with scientific names but he had
never seen these ferns before and his distributer didn't know their
scientific name. They are known as: Borneo Aquafern, Malaysian Aquafern and
African Aquafern.

Whether these are truly aquatic or live in streams partially submerged
partly emersed like Anubias, I don't know. They are however not terrestrial
become when left out, they quickly shrivel up.

If anyone had any information about them I would be really interested in
finding out more about them. If these are in any books, let me know. I have
Christel Kasselmann's excellent Aquarien Phlanzen book which is in German,
Ines Scheuermann's Aquatic Plants Manual and Volume 1 and 2 of the Amano
series. I have looked in these but since I don't have scientific names, it
is diificult to find anything.

On a separate note, does have any experience with flower shrimp?
 I have one but it just hides behind my rock structure. Is this typical? Do
I need to specifically feed it? Or is it a scavenger. Are there any special
things I should do to keep it happy.

I have a 20 gallon Eclipse II with 4 18" bulbs. It is heavily planted and
is filled with less common community fish. I have a killi, a hypancistras
zebra (sp?), lots of ghost shrimp and C. japonicas, a few ottos and 3 corys.

Thanks a lot for any feedback,