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TBAS meeting changes

    The TBAS monthly meeting has been changed  {FOR ONLY THIS MONTH --
FEB.}.  We will meet this month on the 15th of Feb. The speaker this
month will be Henri DeBruyn.  He will present a talk on Plants, and
European Aquarium Beautiful systems using plants.
    Next month's meeting will back on the second Monday of the month or
March 8th.  This will be the month for Study Groups.  The four subject
will be: Dwarf Cichlids presented by Mike Jacobs, Livebearers by Lloyd
Wallace, Killifishes by Bill Shields and Brian Skidmore, and Plants by
Jim Capelle (me).  I'll be talking about local plants and where to find
info on them in print and on the Internet.  I'll also present how to put
together and CO2 generator from a 2 liter plastic  bottle with water
yeast and sugar, yes I will have hand outs.
    Then there is always the Auction at every meeting and door prize
too.  So see ya there.  JiM C.