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GE CF Reflector R-40

I have a couple of CF reflector spots by GE called "Soft White Energy
Choice Electronic CF Reflector R-40 with lens" that seem to be
interesting for special applications like a Hex tank.
I searched the archives but couldn't find any reference to them.
They are designed as a spot for indoor use to replace a standard
incandescent unit.
    Rated at 20 W - 650 lumens
    The total height from base tip to lens is ~6", diam at lens is 5"
    On the ballast base is written FLE20TBX/S/R40  and GE BIAX
    They have a standard incandescent twist base, an electronic ballast
and 3 ~7W CF tubes inside a reflector with a lexan lens.  .

The cost was only ~ $18 and is very easy to set up and wire.
The height means a hood to house them must be tall but other wise - Is
there anything wrong with these?
Has anyone experimented with them?