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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #831

> From: Steve Benz <steveb at talltree_com> wrote:

> >BOLLING37 at aol_com (Andrew) writes:
> >     There is a new product on the market called Aquamarine phosphate
> >eliminator.  It is a freeze dried bacteria product that claims to lower
> >phosphate levels by 90% in 7-10 days or so.
> That sent me on a quest to get rid of it.  I first looked at Reverse
> Osmosis, but that's a really expensive option.  RO does not get rid of
> phosphate, chlorine and amonia, which are the only things in my tapwater
> that are really objectionable.  To get rid of those, you need a DI unit,
> which is really expensive to run: between $10 and $30 a month to replace
> the resin cartridges, depending on who you ask and where you are.
Steve, Using the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Tap Water Purifier surely is
the high priced spread. The less expensive way to go is tha Kati/Ani
system the initial out lay is about what you would pay for a RO system
but the resins can be recharges for ever. If you already have an AP TWP
that can be changed from a mixed bed system to a separated system and
similarly recharged. My water after paying for 3 TWP units was $0.006
per gallon. YMMV
Ric Cooney, N3BRB
rcooney at bcpl_net
Aquatic Gardeners Association
Baltimore, MD  USA