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RE:Halogen pucks/MH's

I believe Mr Dave Gomberg bought some of those a few weeks ago. So , how
are they doing Dave ? That is, if you have had a chance to set them up
yet ..........
The QTL's do a great job and are good looking but I'm going to do the MH
system with the MH electronic ballast that 2(maybe more ?) companies now
make and sell the QTL's. Fun to play with and have their uses but the
plants will really love the MH's and with a lumen/watt rating of
something like 80 lumens per watt, combined with an electronic ballast
which claims 20% less electricty This will give a rating of 90-98 range.
Cost alot though<g> ! Has anyone tried the Coralife Solar system with a
5500k or 6500k bulb on this list ?
Enquiring minds would like to know.
Tom Barr      AGA