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Smoking kitty litter

I just want to make sure that in no way did Darren advocate the smoking of
kitty litter or for any "newbie" to run out and buy kitty litter for smoking
What "experienced" aquarists do in their own home and/or aquariums in no way
means it will work for others, with your water and or kitty litter
As a second note, eventhough Darren didn't specify, we can only assume he
was talking about the smoking of unused or "virgin" kitty litter. Please see
previous kitty litter posts about the possible dangers of used material.
Thank you
Tony Minneboo
Owner, Angels West
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oh, I forgot <g>

Darren wrote:
Geez Jen, you sure get some weird mental images :-).  Been sniffin' that
Dupla laterite again?  I mean, you never know what those Malaysians cut the
stuff with.  If you can't handle your stuff, you should stick to smoking
kitty litter :-)