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Karen Randall wrote:

> 1.  My tanks run nitrogen deficient without regular supplementation
> 2.  When allowed to continue in a nitrogen deficient manner, the leaves
> the Crypts in those tanks become smaller, lighter in color, less bullate
> and less shiny.  
> 3.  When I increase the amount of nitrogen available to them by adding
> to the water, they immediately respond with leaves of increased size, and
> better color and texture.

I believe that this is a common situation in planted tanks. In the past, I
have suggested that Nitrates, possibly KNO3, be included as part of a
commercially offered fertilizing regimen. Probably, it would be best if
KNO3 was sold as a separate, add only when necessary, supplement. Many
people seem to think that this is a  questionable idea. The main objection
being that nitrates in the hands of inexperienced plant growers, are going
to lead to a horrendous algae outbreak. Yet, I continue to hear reports of
N limited tanks. 

BTW, KNO3 is available from Eco Enterprises.  http://www.bhw.com/eco
They may not show it on their web site, but it is listed on page 16 of
their catalog. It looks like 5 lbs. is about $15, _not_ including shipping.
If KNO3 were available from, Tropica or Sea Chem, we wouldn't have folks
adding stump remover to their tanks. OK, they probably would anyway, but at
least they would have other options.  

Pat Bowerman

I'm not sure who this was:

> >Go to your local garden supply or landscaping supply center and ask for
> >stump remover.  Be sure to verify that it is Potassium nitrate and not
> >other substance.
> I'll second that.  I picked up a package of "stump remover" quickly at
> Depot recently.  It was a brand I didn't recognize, but I was in a hurry,
> and not wearing my glasses, so I couldn't read the fine print.  When I
> home and looked at the label more carefully, I couldn't find any
> to potassium nitrate on the label.  I was a little concerned, so I put a
> small amount in a glass of water and tested it for nitrate.  I don't know
> what _is_ in it, but there wasn't any nitrate!