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RE: Hydrogen Peroxide

Mark Fisher wrote:
> > - - Hydrogen peroxide is an effective treatment for cynobacteria
> >    with little affect on plants.
> >
> > - - As for the amount used, 4 oz per 35 gallon (minus substrate)
> >    spot treatment is already effective.  That's roughly 2 oz per
> >   15 gallon.
> >
> > - - There doesn't seem to be an effective and safe dosage level
>  >    for snails and shrimps, and possiblely for fish.
> My "Introduction to Fish Health Management" (US Fish & Wildlife
> 2nd ed., 1995) recommends the use of hydrogen peroxide "at 250-500 ppm

> (100% active ingredient) for 15 minutes as an effective fungicide for
> incubating eggs and 250-500 ppm (30-60 minutes) for treating fish with

> external parasites" (page 108).
> I interpret this as meaning one probably shouldn't expose fish to more

> than 250 ppm for time periods over one hour.  Note that H2O2 is
> typically sold in pharmacies as (I think) a 2% solution or so.
> the density of a 2% solution of H2O2 is 1 g/ml, then one ml would
> contain 20 mg of H2O2, or 20,000 ppm.  Using 4 oz per 35 gallons would

> result in about 140 ppm H2O2, which might be pushing the "upper end"
> long-term exposure.  I certainly wouldn't go any higher.

Actually the H2O2 concentration much higher because the real volume
of the tank is less than 35 gallon because of the substrate, and the
I used has a concentration of 3%.

I only experienced less death after the third day, on which I dosed 1
However, most of the cynobacteria was gone then.  So I am not sure
how effective that 1 oz dosage was.  That is the reason I don't know if
there is safe and effective dosage against cynobacteria.  Note that
this is based on ghost shrimps and malaysian trumpet snails.  Fish
may react differently.

As for dip vs. long term explosure.  The shrimps and snails don't
just turn over and die after I dose the H2O2.  I found them dead
the next day I checked the tank.  It is entirely possible that a dip
will not kill the shrimps and snails.  Of course, dipping the shrimp
is not going to cure cynobacteria problem.

Louis Lin