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Dupla Availability in North America

I've read the somewhat "panicked" messages of concern over Dupla's departure
from North America, given the fact that they are currently without a
distributor. With JP Burleson selling off his remaining stock and the mail
order companies who depended upon him for their own supply also running
short, things didn't look good. I even imagined George Booth, sitting there
in Colorado, behind a chain link fence, protecting his dwindling supplies of
DuplaPlant and DuplaPlant 24, having cornered the remaining market

However, I think we can relax, at least a bit. I had been looking for a
particular piece of Dupla equipment which it seemed every Mail Order company
which carries Dupla was out of and Burleson had no more of either. I sent
Dupla an e-mail message (dupla at aol_com) asking about availability of their
products now that they were without a distributor. This morning, I got my
reply -

"It is possible to handle orders from Canada directly from Gernmany as long
there is no distributor in Canada.

We will let you know the terms of payment and delivery as soon as possible."

So, while this will probably mean that they will be even more expensive now,
given shipping and import duties, those who insist on Dupla products should
still be able to get them.

James Purchase