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Rootbound Crypts

>One tank is taken over by C wendtii, it has buldozed other crypt stands.
>The second has a crypt that physically looks like C. bekettii (in Tropica's
>page) but is browinsh red, used to have foot long leaves. These have thinner
>roots than C wendtii and grow *very fast*.

I wouldn't have any qualms about pulling C. becketti apart either.  I
_wouldn't_ do it to C. affinis.  If you don't want to take chances, pul
just a small section off the edge, move them and see how they do.  If they
are not unduly taumatized<g> by the move, you can get more aggressive with
the main stand.  At least you'll have a second population to fall back on.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association