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Car battery UPS

> Richard Sexton	writes:
> > A UPS is just, essentially, a car battery, a chargng circuit
> >  and an invertor that converts 12V DC to 120V AC.
> NO, I don't think so.  I would not want a lead-acid battery in my house,
> giving off all those fumes.  Also, the way I've seen UPS units being tossed
> around, it is not a safe way for commercial producers to manufacture them.
> I'm sure they would be getting sued up the wazoo on a regular basis.  They are
> more likely dry NiCads, or some other rechargeablw dry cells.  The batteries
> in military fighter jets are muti-cell NiCads, and they would make nice UPS
> units.

On the contrary - All UPS's I've seen use lead/gel acid batteries.
However, they are *SEALED* batteries.  

I would not recommend any kind of normal car battery that could give off
gasses or leak, but the sealed gel acid batteries are safe if treated
properly.  The alternative would be to put a car battery UPS outside, and
run some cables inside, but I doubt this would be cost effective, as
regular UPS's are not that much $$$.

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