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filter bacteria survival

>If it were a sponge filter in the tank most of the bacteria would
>survive for days or longer and just starting up the airflow would be all
>thats needed. However, a closed canister filter is a different story. There
>is no flow of any kind and the huge bacteria colony quickly uses up all
>available oxygen and die. The "wrong" bacteria now quickly take over. If
>filter was just restarted the toxicity could easily kill all fish.
That was the exact reason why I switched from canister filter to Inside
filters. Took up more room and is a visual distraction but nevertheless
safer. I also switched because I gathered planted tanks needed less
biological filter.

Disasters stuck my fish only tanks more than once when I relied on the
Fluval 404 filter. My area sometimes gets a power cut without warning and
if I'm at work where there's power, I'd come back late to find the power
back and my tank stinking and fishes dead! All it needs is a 4 hour cut and
the water in the canister stinks.

Kenny Song
Penang, Malaysia 
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