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filter bacteria survival

The nitrifying bacteria in a filter during a power outage. It depends on the
filter. If it were a sponge filter in the tank most of the bacteria would
survive for days or longer and just starting up the airflow would be all
thats needed. However, a closed canister filter is a different story. There
is no flow of any kind and the huge bacteria colony quickly uses up all
available oxygen and die. The "wrong" bacteria now quickly take over. If the
filter was just restarted the toxicity could easily kill all fish. The smell
of the water would be rotten eggs. If off for a few hours clean and repack
your filter. Or you could try to keep stuff alive in a bucket during an
outage and put some water over the media every once in a while for oxygen.
NO, saltwater and freshwater nitrifying bacteria are different according the
the Marineland biologist that spoke at the SFAS meeting last month.
IMHO ofcourse
Tony Minneboo
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