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Hello, Magnum 350, Flames

Hi.  I am a member of SFBAAPS and have been fathfully reading all the AP
digests for about a month now.  I am impressed by the depth of knowledge
presented.  And (for the most part) the wonderful willingness to share
it with others.

Except for that little flame war.  I was more then a little dismayed at
the response to such a seemingly benign question. I hope I have the
courage to ask a question at some point...and I plan to just feel hurt,
and not respond, if I get that kind of response.

I do wish to contribute to the discussion regarding mechanical filters.
I own three Magnum 350s.  I really like them.  Two of them are set-up
along side wet/drys and the third I have set-up as a prefilter and pump
for a fluidized bed filter.  I have, on occasion, used the media chamber
to run carbon or peat, but mostly I have used them for mechanical

I have run them 24/7 for years on heavily stocked and planted 60 gal
tanks without breakdown.  By doing so I have gotten away with *never*
vacuuming my tanks.  That is a good deal to me!  The micron cartridges
last for years if properly cleaned.  I double the time they will run
without clogging (about a week) by wrapping them in filter cloth.  To do
this I buy 4' by 4" sheets of thin white filter cloth and cut them into
6" by 10" pieces.  I had been using rubber bands to hold them on, but
now I just tuck one end into a pleat, wrap it around, and tuck the other
end into the same pleat.

Someone wrote that it takes *only* 15-20 minutes to service an Ehiem
cannister.  It takes me less then five to service my Magnums.  I have
always wanted a Vortex, but could never justify buying one. Adding
diatom powder to the Magnum is just so easy and effective.  Not that I
feel the need to do so very often.

Well, there is my 2 cents worth. 

Alan Kaufmann,  Psych Tech 
Where grapes are grown-----------------------
----------------------------and nuts are stored.
AlanSF2Napa at webtv_net