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SAEs in Mobile, AL and elsewhere

Last week I got a shipment of SAEs from Aquatics Unlimited,
http://www.bestfish.com/.  Ordered them on Tuesday and received them on
Thursday morning.  I ordered 9 fish (they were 3 for $12 and was shipped 11
(thanks, Aquatics Unlimited).  The fish were in good shape upon arrival and so
far, I've only lost one.  As happy as I was to finally replace the "whale"
that died in my tank last spring, I had mixed emotions when I visited my LFS,
B&B Pet Stop.  I found that they had finally gotten in SAEs at $1.49 ea. and
no shipping.  If you live in the Mobile area and are looking for SAEs, B&B has
them.  Make sure you know what a SAE looks like because they got a mixed
shipment of SAEs and false SAEs.

On a related note, I've read in previous posts, that large SAEs don't clean up
beard algae as well as small fish.  My one experience with them seemed to be
just the opposite.  My beard algae problem didn't seem to get under control
until my one surviving fish (I think I stared with 9) got larger.  While the
larger fish didn't appear to be feeding as actively as the smaller fish, when
I did observe it feeding, it was feeding and visibly reducing large clumps of
beard algae.  Just my two bits.