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RE: Vortex DIscussion


Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 11:54:21 -0500
From: krandall at world_std.com
Subject: Vortex vs. System 1.

>Although I have not personally used a System 1 filter, I can say that a
>Vortex, properly primed, will clean any aquarium up to 75g in an hour, not
>4hrs.  It may take 4hrs to clear a larger tank such as a 125g or 150.  This
>is before even adding any of their special 'superchar' carbon, in which
>case, the tank would clear even faster.  Vortex filters will also last you
>at least a decade.  And, for $58 bucks for the smaller one from that fish
>place, if you have green water, this is the filter to get.  You can purchase
>diatom powder from a local pool retailer store for about $7 for a 10lb bag.
>The 'superchar' carbon you must purchase from the company, but the small
>container they sell will last you easily 10 years.  

>I also use a Vortex diatom filter which I've had for many years.  It does
<do an _excellent_ job.  The problems are that it's hard to start up, is
>tippy and made of glass (a bad combination!<g>) and not easy to move from
>one tank to another.  That said, it has been a real work horse through the

>I've seen the System 1 filter in action, and it is easy to start, hangs on
>the edge of the tank, works at least as well as the Vortex and can be moved
>easily between tanks.  It's more expensive, but at least to me, the utility
>justifies the added expense.  My only problem is that the danged Vortex
>just keeps working (I use it very infrequently) and I can't justify the
>expense of a replacement.  When it _does_ go, I will definitely replace it
>with a System 1.

>BTW, I also own, use and like a HOT Magnum.  But I use it as a small
>canister filter which drives a CO2 reactor.  Used in this capacity I have
>no complaints.  I probably would not buy another, just because I like the
>Magnum 350's so much and have mostly larger tanks.  I don't think I'd
>bother "wasting" either of the Magnums as an intermittent polishing device.
 >Knowing me, It would be put into service as a full time filter on some
>tank or other, and that would be the end of it.<g>  I'm kind of surprised
>how many people feel they need a polishing filter with any regularity.
>It's probably been 2 years since mine saw any service, and I could probably
>count the number of time I've used it in total on both hands.  Do many
>people really need to use a polishing filter with any regularity?  I find
>that my tanks stay crystal clear (let's not get into blue bucket debates
>>again... they look very clear when viewed through the tank the long way)
>without any heroic measures.<g>  Even after a water change, glass cleaning,
>mulm removal session, any residual cloudiness will be gone within an hour,
>and this is with minimal filtration on the tanks.

>Karen Randall
>Aquatic Gardeners Association

I have never had a vortex tip over on me.  The newer ones come with a flat
bottom holder for the glass canister.  Yes, they run forever.  Karen, I do
not use the vortex for any plant tanks except when first setting them up to
cure that inital cloudyness.  I only use them for monthly servicing of
customers non-plant tanks.  Like you said, a plant tank will clear itself
within an hour.  I have found vortex filters to be quite easy to setup.
They are kind of a pain to move from tank to tank although, but at 400gph,
the time saved in clearing the tank more than makes up for the time it takes
to move it. I am of course assuming the tanks are separated by more than a
few feet.  It is very easy to simply shut the filter off for 30seconds while
you move it to the next adjacent tank.  If anyone has any questions or needs
some tips on priming, please email me.  

gary plano jr.
jettat19 at mail_idt.net
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