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Re: Vortex vs. System 1.

On Mon, 16 Nov 1998, Karen Randall wrote:

> I'm kind of surprised
> how many people feel they need a polishing filter with any regularity.
> It's probably been 2 years since mine saw any service, and I could probably
> count the number of time I've used it in total on both hands.  Do many
> people really need to use a polishing filter with any regularity?

I use a Magnum 350 with micron filter on my 55 gallon tank, which is
otherwise unfiltered.  The tank gets a weekly pruning and 15% water
change. After that, I run the Magnum for 1-2 hours to clear the water,
then I put it away.

There were several reasons why I took the filters off this tank.  One
reason was that I got tired of cleaning and otherwise messing with filter
media.  I only later saw any use for the weekly polishing, and I might get
by very well without using it as frequently as I do.

Setting up and taking down the Magnum and bleaching the micron filter is
very easy, but it's *way* more messing around than I did when the tank was
still constantly filtered; ease of maintenance isn't much of an argument
for unfiltered tanks when I do it this way.

If I wanted to use the Magnum for constant filtration I would use the
media canister and a sleeve to fit over that for biological filtration.
The micron filter tends to get plugged in regular use, and I don't think
that Marineland advises us to use it that way.

Roger Miller