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	I would like to issue of my own free will a *public apology* to Paul Sears
and Dave Gomberg for my rude and sarcastic responses.

	I still feel that their original messages were insensitive, but they
deserve the benefit of the doubt that there was no malicious intent implied.
Clearly, back-flaming is wholly counter-productive, and if anything, this
would be one of the lessons learned. Ignoring the offense is obviously the
best strategy, as Paul and Dave have so maturely and respectfully done to my
replies. Also, the fact that everyone here knows each other so well can be
an asset but also a disadvantage when it turns into intolerance (even subtly
implied) for new faces and questions. I'm sorry if my original questions
seemed "dense," but as you can see from my reply to Mr. Gomberg, they were
actually quite carefully formulated, as is this message. Miscommunication is
one area in Internet exchange that still needs improvement. But as this
problem has never been solved on an oral basis, I don't have much hope for a
solution in the written domain.

	I hope the matter can be ended immediately, and that you have beautiful
planted tanks.

Glenn Hudspeth
GTA -- KU Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
Lawrence, KS
ghudspeth at csi_com