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Re:fluidized bed filters and green water

>>I wrote:
>>Has anyone ever had green water while using a fluidized bed filter?  I am
>>wondering if being passed through all those moving sand grains would kill
>>planktonic algae cells.
Julias Odan replied:
>I have used a fluidized bed filter namely and Lifeguard FB300 on a 55
>gallon tank and have had green water. In fact that tank had more different
>forms of Algae than I have experienced in any other tank, but I don't think
>the they are related events. The only thing you got to make sure with
>fluidized beds is that the water is well areated after it leaves the
>So in short no, I haven't found it to help.

Shoot!  I had hopes!!  Thanks for the info.

Paul Krombholz, in central Mississippi, vibrating in harmony with the Great