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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #645

	You might as well be taking a nap, Mr. Gomberg, if that was your best
attempt at a flame given such "succulent bait." Rather impotent, IMO.

	Your message implies that I am at fault for not researching the topic well
enough before asking questions. On the contrary, I have put more than enough
effort into informing myself from such sources as the krib and the APD
archives, and there is not enough information to answer my questions
completely. Also, I am already familiar with KU's Anschutz Science Library,
and you are failing to take one thing into account: in the same way that you
would have difficulty understanding a lengthy analysis in German of Das
Groteske in _die Blechtrommel_, even *with* a German-English dictionary, I
would find it extremely difficult to comprehend the information found in an
academic journal related to limnology or botany. It has nothing to do with
intelligence, Mr. Gomberg, but rather, all of us lack the *specialized*
vocabulary and necessary background of other fields. It's not just about
looking up words in the appropriate dictionary, but also about the
experience someone else may have gained and which would ideally be shared
with others. That *is* one purpose of the APD. Maybe I should remind you:

   The aquatic plant mailing list is intended to be a medium for exchange
   of information about all aspects of growing aquatic plants as a hobby.

I doubt very seriously that I would find any information about Flourish Iron
and alternative dosing methods in a journal anyway. Have you?

	Furthermore, your dismissal of the need to seek information from those
wiser than yourself, clearly highlights your own arrogance and probable
ignorance. If you would take stock of your own achievements for a moment,
you would most likely find that you are indebted to others for sharing their
own experiences and failures with you.

	As far as you are concerned, I might as well be the janitor at KU because I
never claimed any of the "intellectualism" of which you so lamely attempt to
strip me. Since you asked though, my position is noted in my sig which
should be quite clear to anyone who has more than a highschool education

	You obscure the central issue here: somebody flamed me for asking a simple
question with no readily-apparent answer. There's no excuse for it, no
matter how you attempt to twist it around a make it look like I'm at fault.
Cynthia may kick me off the list for defending myself, but it is actually
Paul Sears who should be reprimanded for flaming me to begin with and you
for not being able to face the facts about how rude it was and flaming me as

Glenn Hudspeth
GTA -- KU Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
Lawrence, KS
ghudspeth at csi_com