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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #643 - acetic acid

Hello Steve,

The principal reason *not* to use acetic acid is that, in a well
functioning tank, the bacteria will "eat" it up! One has to use an
inorganic (or "inedible") buffer for it to last.

I don't know about Australia, but in the US hydrochloric ("muriatic")
acid is available in almost every hardware store for cleaning up
concrete. It works about as well as sulfuric acid for purposes of
acidification, because one uses so little of it.

Is your water really that alkaline that it can not be used "as is"?
Preparing water of a certain pH is a bother and, unless you have a
consistent rule-of-the-tumb method or a *good* electronic pH meter, it's
a hit-and-miss affair. All one might do is *stress* the fish with pH



> Is there any reason why vinegar (acetic acid I think) cannot be used > to lower the pH of a tank?  If it can be, is white or brown vinegar > better?

> I seem to remember some talk recently about the merits of sulphuric > acid. What were the conclusions of this thread?  Where would one get > sulphuric acid from?

> Steve