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Re: lignosulphonate chelate???

> Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998 18:05:05 -0400
> From: Jeff Dietsch <dietsch at voicenet_com>
>   I found a trace mix in liquid form from Dragon Corp called Liquid
> Chelated Iron.  It's makeup is Mg 0.5, B 0.02, Cu 0.25, Fe 6.00, Mn 0.25,
> Zn 0.50.  That looks good enough, but the part I am unsure about is the
> chelator.  It is lignosulphonate.  I did a search around the web and really
> can not find much on this material.  Can someone enlighten me, please??
> All the ingredients in the mix are claimed to be a compound of
> lignosulphonate, like iron lignosulphonate.  The bottle says "Secondary and
> Trace Nutrients derived from  magnesium lignosulphonate, copper
> lignosulphonate, iron lignosulphonate, managenese lignosulphonate, zinc
> lignosulphonate, and sulfuric acid.  Chelating Agent: lignosulphonate
> 944-800."  I picked up a bottle, 1 qt for $8US, I figured if it doesn't
> work out for the tank it will for the terrestrial plants.  
> Any info on lignosulphonate would be great, and of course opinions on this
> mix are welcome.  

I don't think anyone ever answered this one, so I'll do a little hand

My guess is that lignosulphonate is some kind of soluble derivative of
lignin.  Lignin is an incredible blob of natural organic compound that,
together with cellulose, comprises wood.  Lignin is one of the things
that is left over when wood rots away, but I would not be surprised to
find that lignosulphonate is derived from paper mill waste.

If the stuff isn't specified for aquaria, I would use it cautiously, since
lignosulphonate sounds like it might have deterggent properties, although at 
those concentrations I don't know if it could harm fish.

Let us know what happens.