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I have been away, and read with interest the thread on
growing Glossostigma.
I love this plant since it provides much-needed
perception of depth in my rather narrow (12" wide)

It grows well in my tank which has the following

size:  40gal.

substrate:  3mm gravel with Dupla laterite in bottom
1/3.  Also, tank has been up for 1y 4mo, so substrate
is pretty mulm-ified.

CO2:  very important; this plant needs lots. 
Apparently, sometimes Amano will start the plants,
including Glosso. in a tank and add no fish at first so
that he can pump in much more CO2 than the fish
could stand.  This gets the Glosso. going, after which
the CO2 level is reduced and the fish added.
My tank has a pH of 6.6 and a KH of 2-3, so whatever
the CO2 is on the chart is what it is (about 35ppm??).

Water quality:  soft; I use reconstituted R/O water; I
add a small amount (1/2 tsp. to 10gal water change)
of Kent's R/O Right once/week.  Usually, KH=2,
GH=3. pH=6.6.

When I first started growing this plant, I fertilized the
substrate with Jobes sticks; what a mistake.  It grows
like a weed and started piling up on itself, smothering
the stuff below.  I no longer add substrate fertilizer to
the Glossostigma part of the tank.  Just Tropica MG to
the water w/water changes.  It still grows very fast,
and every few months I pull it all out and replant to
avoid the "piling up" problem.

Hope this helps.

Roxanne Bittman