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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #633

Interesting how some plants don't want to follow our rules. I have very
>soft, very acid, well water that most plants love. I have tried growing
>Glossostigma submersed, emersed, rich soil, kitty litter and have little
>to show for it. In fact I took it off my pricelist for now. 
>  I grow Lilaeopsis outside. My experience with it is very similar to
>that of growers I deal with in Florida who generally have medium to hard
>water. At least outside in Georgia, Liliaeopsis seems to be a seasonal
>grower, much like Riccia. During the warm months it will not grow for me
>at all even if I keep running cool 55 deg. water through it and feed it.
>It doesn't die either, but kind of thins out and sometimes a few tips
>will yellow. As the water cools in fall it should finally start to grow
>and make me feel like I know what I'm doing again. I don't have enough
>to sell yet, so I have been trying to get it from several places in Fla.
>but they say it's still not saleable. Too warm yet.
> Inside, I have noticed that Lilaeopsis seems to spread quickly over an
>older substrate with some accumulated mulm.
Hi guys, 
Been following the glosso thread for quite a bit now. Well IMHO, glossos
don't really need <any> kind of special substrate to thrive (thrive, not
survive). I have been growing glossos very successfully in my 4-footer that
has absolutely no substrate additive. Just plain washed gravel! I have
noticed some of my fellow Singapore aquarists glossos too. And I've come to
the conclusion that all glossos really need is very, very strong light and
lotsa CO2. I once was fortunate enough to speak to one of the top
horticulturists (I hope I have the designation right) at Oriental Aquarium.
He told me that glossos need soft water to survive! Interesting. I do
believe however, that glossos do better in finer gravel than coarser gravel.
I am now trying out a small cube tank with glosso grown on fine lawn sand.
To keep them really low though (those in my 4-footer literally hug the
substrate, with no stem showing at all!) I'll be using very strong lighting,
with a waterfall system to try and cool things down to at least 28 degrees
C. Oh yes, they do do better in water that is cooler. 

Here's my suggestion: Why not try a tank solely with glossos. Use fine sand.
Have very, very strong lighting and cooler (25 degrees or so) water and just
add a regular dose of liquid fertiliser (well that's all I use :-) It's
truly a beautful plant, as one look at Amano's tanks will attest to) and
deserves a second chance :-) Give it a try man:-)

I would love to grow lilaepsis too, but somehow, I have never succeeded. 

Mark Pan