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No more snow in Norway today, cold and sunny.

My tank's startup is still running well :)

Egeria Densa grows 5 cm a day, new leaves are really nice and long, the stems are now closer to 4 cm's wide.
Amason sword's ( E.something, the most common one around here) also grows well, like 1 new leaf every day.

One unidentified plant, rosette-type, swords that are wavy on the sides, thin pale green - sometimes see-through on older parts of leaves. Typically 20-40 cm's high, 2-3 cm wide leaves. It develops 1-3 new leaves a day! Any idea of what type of plant this is?

Now - I need something that covers the ground - that grows and spreads fast. My experience with "grass-looking" plants are bad, is there an alternative? Available plants in stores here are usually from Tropica. (http://www.tropica.dk/)

My wates is:
pH: 7.4, still planning to get it below 7
KH: 4
GH: real soft.

1 W/Gallon,  1 more is planned

Gravel is 2-3 mm's.