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Dying Fish

I recently moved to the Bay Area.  I set up an aquarium and all the fish died.
Sort of dumbfounded I went over to the LFS to buy some more fish and maybe
figure out what the heck happened.  The sales guy told me that the municipal
water district puts chloramine, not chlorine, in the water.

First of all I hate chloramine.  Second, I bought some Amquel and poured some
into the tank.  One lone Cory survived the ordeal but he looks awful.  His
eyes are shriveled up and have fallen about 2 mm into his sockets.  His scales
look burnt and his barbells are pretty much gone.  His most of his finage
melted away.  He never moves, doesn't pay attention to food, and doesn't look
like he's getting better.  But he's not getting worse either.  He's hung on
for about five days now.

I don't want to flush him down the toilet, but if he's not going to get better
I feel it is best to end his little life quickly rather than let him die
slowly and suffer even more.  Can fish heal from this kind of damage,
especially damage from chloramine, or is it pretty much permanent.  Thanks for
your help.

PS I HATE chloramine.