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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #615

> Subject: Re: Deconstructing an aquarium
> John M. Burns asked....
> >There have been numerous posts about using silicone to assemble and fix
> >aquariums and other things.  My problem is just the opposite.  I want to
> >take one apart, a 75 gallon one.  Problem is, I can scrape all the
> >accessible silicone out, but that thin seam where the two pieces of glass
> >"connect" is impossible to get to.  Does anyone know of a solvent that will
> >soften or dissolve silicone (without destroying the plastic frame)?  Any
> >suggestions welcome.  TIA.  -John

Commercially lye dissolved in tetra hydro furan is used to remove cured silicon
rubber. this is extremely nasty stuff and will probably dissolve the plastic
frame. I have personally disassembled tanks for repair by dragging a double edged
razor blade through the seam with a pair of vise grip pliers. I then used a razor
blade scraper to remove all of the silicon rubber from the glass so that the tank
could be reassembled. This is important since the silicon rubber does not bond
well to itself.
Harvey Schneider