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Re: DC Zoo -- Amazonia

We checked out the DC Zoo's 'Amazonia' exhibit today, and I was
impressed with the exhibit overall.  However, I was frustrated and
confused by their choices of aquatic plant life.  

We'd gone after seeing a thread on the apisto list, where there were
some complaints that the tanks include non-Amazonian guppies (and how,
they're all over, in the two largest tanks), and because of a tease that
there were some apistos in the tanks (we couldn't find any).  

Aside from a few small tanks in a side exhibit area (which included some
nice bog displays), the only underwater plant I noticed, at all, was
java moss.  Lots of it.  A decidedly un-Amazonian plant.  The side
exhibit area included a tankful each of rotala and anubias, also
decidedly un-Amazonian.  I saw only a single smallish sword plant.

I don't get it.  I assume the above-ground rainforest includes almost
all, if not entirely, Amazonian plants.  The wildlife seemed to be
exclusively Amazonian.  Why not representative aquatic plant life?  I
mean, that's the point, right?