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Nutritional Problem

After attempting to identify a nutritional problem in my tank for the
last month I finally have determined that my tank appears to be nitrogen
limited. I added KNO3 to the water column which brought nitrate levels
to about 13 ppm, a rather high level. My plants which had been growing
poorly or not at all, suddenly responded and new growth appeared.
However, the algae also started to grow very rapidly. In less than 48
hours my nitrate level was 0 according to my Lamotte test. The plants
stopped growing and I'm back to square one. 

I decided to add nitrate to the water column since I already had algae
in the tank. I thought about using a jobes 16-2-6 plant stick, but I was
concerned about adding any amount of phosphate even in the substrate. 

I would appreciate any suggestions on what to do next. I'm baffled at
this point
Henry Hatch
Milford, Ma. 01757
hhatch at sprynet_com