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Re: 75 gal and water changes

Kelly writes:

<snip>>  How in
>  the heck do you fill your tank with it if you have chlorine in your tap?
>  Add dechlorinator to the tank as you fill? 

You can make partial changes of upto 25% without risk to your fish.  But you
can't use a PYthon to pump in treated water without some kind of creative
plumbing.  It is intended to use with tap water, and works safely only because
the chlorine evaporates out overnight, and the 25% level dilutes it enough to
be harmless until then.

> I don't know how I can use my RO
>  unit for water changes.  It makes enough water, but somehow you have to
>  siphon the stuff from your container (clean trash can for me) into the

If you mount the RO unit and its storage container one floor aabove the fish
room, a little plumbing from upstairs to downstairs will fix it.  The "attic"
crawlspace works in a single floor house.  Simpler might be to rig up one of
those water pumps folks use for garden fountains and trickle filters.  You
could rig this quite simply, and just plug it in. Some of the larger fountain
pumps will reach the 40 psi that is common in household plumbing.

Bob Dixon