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RE: mail order plants

> From: "Guang Yan Wang" <lesenw-2 at idt_net>
> Hello everyone, i'm setting up a new tank. My local pet stors
> does not have
> nice selections of plants. I need to oder them online. Does any
> one know any
> online shop that is reputable and have nice selections of plants?

I recently purchased enough plants to nearly stuff a 225 gallon from Dan
Quackenbush at All Aquatic Plants. They were priced well, arrived in good
shape, and were a well selected assortment. Aside from enough tiny snails to
feed 4 clown loaches for a few weeks, they were excellent. Check them out at

Since Dan reads the list I'll add that they are growing at a nearly
unbelievable rate and I'm glad he talked me into getting fewer plants than I
had planned.

Jon Wilson