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Re: Protein Skimmers

> Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 07:42:52 -0600
> From: "Beard, Kelly" <KBeard at comdata_com>
> Subject: Protein Skimmers
> I am curious about protein skimmers that are used in the marine-end of the
> hobby.  I understand that they collect dissolved waste in the water before
> bacteria get a chance to break it all down to nitrates.  Why aren't these
> used in the freshwater hobby more?  I'd like to try one on my 75 gallon, but
> if it causes significant CO2 loss, well then...

Protein skimmers work on the basis of surface tension.  Since fresh
water has a much lower surface tension than salt water, a normal protein
skimmer won't work in a normal freshwater aquarium.

I have heard of using foam fractioners to help clear the water on ponds,
but in order to make one work, the specific gravity of the water has to
be pretty high.

David Webb
Live-Foods list administrator