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Re: CO2 levels from Yeast Method CO2

Hi folks

I have a similar setup - 25g tank with a diffuser supplying CO2 from a 2ltr
yeast/sugar bottle.

I've checked CO2 levels using ph/kH and the tables from the Krib and reckon
I get 20-25ppm CO2, which I've heard others report under similar
circumstances. The yeast lasts about three weeks. Plant growth, with 3W/gal,
is fine.

I wonder if there's a problem with your CO2 test method?

Phil Bixby
York, UK

> I've recently set up a number of 20 Gal. tanks for study purposes and I am
using individual 2 L. Yeast Reactors for CO2 supplementation. Since adding
the Yeast Reactors, the CO2 levels in each tank has shot up to anywhere
between 45-56 ppm CO2.
> How have other people who are using the "DIY" pop bottle method of CO2
production found their CO2 levels? Have I perhaps chanced upon a secret
strain of "super yeast"?
> Thanks.
> James Purchase
> Toronto, Ontario
> jpurch at interlog_com