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Re: CO2 levels from Yeast Method CO2

> I've recently set up a number of 20 Gal. tanks for study purposes and I am
> using individual 2 L. Yeast Reactors for CO2 supplementation.(1 L water +  
> 2 cups of sugar + 1 tsp Baking Soda + 1 tsp Dry Yeast)

James, I also have a 20 gal with DIY CO2. I use 6 cups water, 2 cups 
sugar, and 1/2 tsp champagne yeast. This will get a good 3 weeks of 
CO2. I have 2-2L bottles setup on a 2-3 week stagger. I hooked them 
both into the feed line with a 'T'. I've noticed that when I set up a 
new bottle, my CO2 falls to about 10-12ppm, coming from only the old 
bottle. After 3-4 days, it steadys out to 20-25 ppm. Maybe since 
you're using twice the yeast, and I assume, bakers yeast, you're 
getting a lot more CO2, and a shorter bottle life. Try a lesser 
amount and see if that helps. 

> In the past (on my 120 Gal tank), I usually ended up with CO2 concentrations
> of between 15-20 ppm CO2 by using a homemade reactor where the CO2 gas gets
> mixed with the water prior to entering the main aquarium. In this instance,
> I am feeding the CO2 from the Yeast Reactor into the intake stem of a small
> external power filter (Eheim Aqua Boss, very similar to a Hagen Aqua Clear
> 200). The gas enters the intake stream and gets forced into the water as it
> passes thru the impeller chamber of the filter.

Mine gets injected into the uptake of a Whisper "C" filter.
> The fish show absolutely NO signs of distress due to the high levels of CO2 
> in the water.

I've read that they can tolerate 40-50ppm, but I would guess it is 
species determinate. Also, they can acclimate over time to high 
levels if it is gradually increased.
> Everything that I have read indicates that levels of CO2 of this nature can
> be dangerous. Should I take some action (aeration of the water) to drive off
> some of the CO2 in these tanks, or just leave well enough alone?

I'd let it be if the fish seem happy. The plants will love it! Plus, 
it will start decreasing over time.

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