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Yamatos eat black brush algae!!

I've been thought that Yamatos eat only green algae.
As you know, they like fish food the most, but when they are starved they eat green
Many people say S.A.E is the only fish which eat brush algae, but last night I saw Yamoto
do that.
In that tank, their is almost no algae but BBA.
Tank master use plastic-cliff(rock shaped)  for  back wall, and great amount of BBA
attachs it.
Yamatos usually grab and cut off algae and eat it, but last night Yamatos even didn't use
their hands(?). They just sticked to the back wall(with lots of BBA) and ate BBA with
their mouths directly.

Now I think Yamatos are really starved they eat BBA.
Any comment?

Forgive my poor English...

---- Sungmin from S.Korea ------