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Re: Yamatos eat black brush algae!!

Hong Sungmin said:
>As you know, they like fish food the most,
>but when they are starved they eat green algae.
 Yamato numa-ebi(Caridina japonica) not only eat green algae when they are
starved, but always eat it. The main staple of their diet will consist of
mostly of soft algae. This type of algae seems to tough for them to eat.
>They (Yamato numa-ebi) just stuck to the back wall ate BBA with
>(with lots of BBA) and their mouths directly.
 Well if this was BBA I doubt they would eat much of it. In my little 10
gallon tank I still have some BBA growing on a nana and the ebi still will
not touch. I have also had ebi in other tank not touch this stuff. I have
talk to shop owners at three different store here in Japan and they all say
the same thing, "Ebi will not eat BBA.". Maybe you have another type of
algae growing. How much of this algae did they eat? I have even bought new
ebi that were bagged and ready to sell. Who knows how long they were in that
bag without any food. When I introduced them to one of my tanks that had BBA
they went straight for the Riccia. To my dismay they ate about 3000 yen
(25$) worth of Riccia. Sometimes I have seen them crawling next to a spot
that contains BBA. You are right that they will not/can not pull the algae
with they hands, but go down to munch it. I think this is more of an
experimentation with the ebi than hunger. It's a shame that Japanese Swamp
Shrimp are not sold in America. I don't know what I would do without them.
Just because they don't eat BBA does not mean that they are not useful.
These little guys are busy day and night eating leftover food and algae.
Ryan-Still in J-Town