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Re: Heating coils (was: muddy thoughts)

In APD 595, George responds:

> >George, you come out with this wild theory that laterite is fertile
>  >because heating cables draw nutrients into the substrate and you have 
>  >NO EVIDENCE to substantiate this claim. 
>  Bummer, you forgot to read the last part of my post. 
>  I have EVIDENCE that gravel+laterite+heatingcoils produces great growth.
>  evidence is in the three aquariums I maintain. 

Gee, George, this evidence only supports that your setups work.  To really
have evidence that the heating cables contribute to your success, you need to
get a control going.  I suggest you unplug the heating cables in one of those
tanks and track it for a year.  Don't pull the cables out, just leave them
cold.  And don't change anything else in your approach in that tank or the
others.  See if the cables are helping to restore nutrients to the exchange
sites of the laterite.  If they are, the one with the cables not heating
should slowly begin to exhibit less growth.  This would, indeed, be true

As I see it, you are assuming that the heaters are a significant ingredient in
the recipe.  In reality, you are following the recipe without saying to
yourself, "Hmmm....how would these cookies taste if I used white sugar instead
of brown?"

Just a thought.