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arcillite (sic)

A lot of discussion has gone down about:

>         Profile Aquatic Plant Soil (arcillite)

All this discussion prompted me to see what "arcillite" really is,

Guess what? I can't find it! The closest I can find is a material
similar to laterite called argillite. It is a silica, alumina,
iron-bearing material produced by long eons of weathering, just about
like laterite. Maybe containing more silica, the biggest difference I
see is that laterite does not claim a high CEC. Argillite usually does
contain considerable iron.

*If* my limited research is valid, it makes little sense to mix this
with laterite, for it should directly replace it as a lower sand/gravel
additive. At US$8 for 10lb, I'm about to give it a try.

It would be nice if someone with a better access to geology references
could verify the above conjecture.



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