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Turface/Profile Professional Aquatic Soil

>At 03:48 AM 10/23/98 -0400, Bob Sumner wrote:
>> I came across something called Professional Aquatic Soil.  It is 
>>designed to be used in artificial backyard ponds and appears to be a red 
>>clay that has been baked and ground to a sand-like texture.  Cheap, too. 
>>The label indicate exactly what it is made of.  Anyone have any 
>>experience with this?
>   http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/Fertilizer/laterama.html
>for further info.

More info:  Made by Aimcor Consumer Products, 800-654-8793
  Tech support:   Mary Beth
Local distributors lots of places

Turface is an additive to baseball infield base paths.
PAS is an additive to potting/pond substrates.
Some bonsai guys use Turface?
I have tech info and tech support on the way.

If this stuff is good, it will be a lot like Duplarit G (that's the
laterite crumbs, right George?).  The Turface comes in small irregular
crumbs and very tiny irregular crumbs.   The PAS comes in three grades, I
believe they are cylindrical.  

How would we know if it were good?   Similar CEC?   Similar growth results
in the Booth lab?

I'll bet its a ton less dusty than potter's laterite (it would be hard to
think of something more dusty).  And it may not penetrate UGF plates either.

And it is cheap as dirt!  ;^)>   It comes in 50# sacks for about $10.

Let us all know if you find anything out.   George, would you want to try a
tank with some in place of the laterite?

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco            mailto:gomberg at wcf_com