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Michael wrote:

>>As a busy professional, I don't have a lot of time reading the APD. sic <<
I think the number of us who do this for a living is pretty small.  The huge
majority of us are "busy professionals".

>>I make it a habit of reading the APD for gems. Lately, I am getting more
and more
annoyed at completely pointless posts full of "facts", conjectures,
ideologies, and other B.S., creating files in the 25-42KB range - and
wasting my time. <<
What you consider a "waste of time" I may consider a gem, and vice-versa.
The soil/laterite discussion has brought up some very useful information,
IMO.  Just because it doesn't seem useful to you, doesn't make it unsuitable
for the list.  The high-tech/low-tech discussion, on the other hand...  :-)

>>If you feel the need to define, analyze, and theorize about this hobby
incessantly, and in public, my guess is that you're in it for the
And what are the "wrong reasons" in your opinion?  Delving into the science
behind the hobby?  I find the hobby fascinating for precisely that. I find
myself being pulled into areas such as chemistry, physics, biology, even
carpentry and electronics.  And if some of the discussions digress into
these areas, or even attempts at word definition, these are other peoples
areas of interest and they feel that they are important to the hobby. To
each his own.

You could start your own mailing list, if you want. :-)

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