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low tech/high tech

As evidenced by the number of varied responses to this question, the low
tech/ high tech line is not one that is crossed by price, package, or
performance. Instead, I think that the low tech/high tech line is a line
which exists for each of us and we cross it when we are ready. What is
one person's low tech may be another's high tech. We all reach different
levels of ability with our aquascaping, but are often unable to convey
this to anyone but each other. I have never really referred to my setup
as high tech or low tech. I think it is a tag we slap on our
descriptions to each other to give an indication of the level we feel we
have achieved. Kind of self-placement in the arbitrary hierarchy of the
aquatic world. 

Just a couple ephemeral wisps of though.

Richard Hostler
Product Information Editor
PC Connection
(603) 423-2234