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Re: Low tech/high tech

I would argue that there are *three* axes to any aquarium: Tech-ness, 
Effort, and Cost.  Any aquarium "recipe" will exhibit variations
on these three axes:
                                Cost   Effort   Tech
soil/sun/no CO2/no filter:      Low     Low     Low
full DIY setup with CO2/PMDD:   Low     High    High
mixed soil/store lights:        High    High    Low
full Dupla setup:               High    Low     High

You could argue what's low and high in each category, but I'm sure you get 
my point.  I think everyone feels that "high-tech" means lots of gadgets.  
What we're having a problem with is trying to fold into that definition 
cost and effort...consider those separately.  

Carlos E. Munoz 
<cmunoz at crystal_cirrus.com>