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Erik's Fish Room + another Shameless Plug for Portland folks

> From: "Dixon, Steven T. (Exchange)" <stdixon at ben_bechtel.com>
> Subject: Erik's Fish Room

> I was intrigued by Karen's remark the other day that Erik Olson's fish
> room is the best she's seen. 

So was I! :)

> A fish room (probably more like a plant
> room with fish in my case) is definitely in my future.  Any way we could
> see some pictures, schemata or other info on this marvel of human
> creation, Erik or Karen?  If pictures are already posted on the KRIB and
> I've missed them, feel free to spam me.

It's not THAT good...

I got a similar request from Dave Gomberg earlier, and since this
coincides with my having just bought a slide scanner (look for them thar
brand spankin' new plant species pictures soon), I went and took a few
pictures this week and will write up an article + photos for GSAS and put
it on the Krib.  Kinda busy with getting a talk together this weekend (on
plants, down at the Greater Portland Aquarium Society's annual show...
plug, plug, plug... www.gpas.org), but I'll probably have it by next week.

  - Erik

Erik D. Olson
erik at thekrib.com