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RE: High tech/Low tech definition

WOW, that's your def on LOW tech?  If that's 'low' then what is this?

2.5 gallon octagon tank w/ florite gravel, a 35watt plant growth light,
NO filter, NO heater, oh, and for algae?  Black Molly's.  I do use
"plant gro", tetra's florpride, kent's freshwater plant and starting to
use duplaplant 24.


My definition of "Low tech".

220 watts of VHO lighting with IceCap electronic ballast on 12-14 hour
Compressed 20 lb cylinder CO2 with Eheim CO2 reactor,
pH/CO2 controlled with American Marine pH controller
Laterite in lower 3rd of 4" of fine gravel substrate
Duplaplant tabs, Florish tabs in substrate, PMDD daily
RO replacement water