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Re: High tech/low tech

Dan Q wrote:

> I tried once before to see if there was any interest in the AGA to
>define different methods for aquarium plant techniques so beginners in
>particular had a clue as to what was meant by the different "-techs". I
>think I failed.

Here's my personal definition of "low-tech" --

-substrate purchased from aquarium store
-any liquid, tab fertilizer purchased from an aquarium store and added per
package instructions
-no test kits (other than perhaps for pH, hardness)
-standard filtration unit (waterfall, canister)
-lighting fixture purchased from aquarium store
-1 to 2 watts per gallon
-no CO2 added

Your thoughts probably vary.  The key to low-tech, in my mind, is
"pre-packaged" or, at the very least, "requires no scientific knowledge".
I'd definitely call Substrate Gold "low-tech", but I'd say even kitty litter
or jobes sticks are "low-to-medium tech", because they require the leap of
faith beyond "if it's not made by Perfecto or Seachem, it might kill my


Alysoun McLaughlin