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Re: High tech/low tech


Well, I consider the whole concept of trying to minutely define what are, by
nature, very general terms futile, but....

Saying that "store-bought" and "pre-packaged" = low tech is a very odd
statement.  CO2 set-ups, high intensity metal halide lighting kits, Dupla
heating kits, all of these can be store-bought and pre-packaged, but I
hardly consider them low tech.  Remember, "tech" stands for "technology",
and I hardly think a pound of kitty-litter in the substrate qualifies for a
higher tech rating! I think you may be confusing DIY ingenuity with
technology. IMO, a "high tech" system is one which uses advanced technology,
e.g. substrate heating, high intensity lighting, pH controllers, etc.

That said, can we talk about plants? :-)