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cycling a planted tank.

>I am still gathering information before setting up my first planted tank
>which will be perfect from the beggining.
>Todays question is this,
>I have heaps of different tanks with aquaclear 300s on them all have 3 foam
>inserts and no carbon/ chem media
>With my new 60 gal plantedtank i have a new AQ 300 which i will run on min
>flow, also the return is directl down the tank wall (no surface turbulance,
>i love these filters cheap, easy to clean, large filter area etc, better
>then the best canister filters if u ask me.

They do blow off some CO2, but not too bad, and certainly not enough that
it can't be replaced.

>Should i start the new tank with allready cycled foam inserts or should i

You can get away without, but it never hurts to start with a mature
bacterial filter.  I always use one if it's available.

>If i do then i understand i can add lots of algae eater safely. I really
>want this tank to work out properly.

Whether or not you start with a mature bacterial filter doesn't really make
much difference as far as when you add algae eaters is concerned.

>Also the Dupla duplarit hear costs 30 dollars Aus (20 amercian) for a
>measly 200grams which is suposedly enough for 200 litres?
>Is this really the correct dosage for a 60 gal tank?

It's close enough.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association