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Adding Algae Eaters

George wrote:

>>Umm, well, gee, I think I've said to put algae eathers in mere seconds
>>after adding the water and plants. It's what I do. Always have. 

Olga wrote:
>That's ok George, you're permitted to do the "wrong" thing because you are
>experienced. <g> Seriously though, your practices just reinforce the
>argument that adding algae eaters to a new tank *is* okay. Farowellas are
>"delicate" fish and you obviously would not do this if they regularly died
>of starvation or bad water conditions. If algae eaters die when one adds
>them to a new tank  it is because they are in bad condition to start with
>or the set-up is incorrect.

I don't add algae eaters during the first two weeks, but it has nothing to
do with the health of the fish.  I agree that there will be enough algae
developing that as long as the fish don't enter the tank in starving
condition, they'll be fine.  My reason for waiting is that I often use
small finely rooted foreground plants.  These are easily knocked out if
disturbed by fish before they set their roots.  I have had no algae
problems by waiting two weeks, and I believe it gives the plants a better

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association