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Re: Tank level

Kelly, I have to install a tank over a ceramic tile floor in out Church. So
I am facing the same thing. I have to assume that your shims didn't work
because they were not tall enough. If that is the case you need to add
another shim under the two tapered shims to raise it up.

I have been thinking about buying some leveling feet. Don't know if home
depot had them but there are some made that have a metal insert to go into
the wood frame. I think you have to drill a hole and then drive the insert
in. Then thread in the screw/leg.

Another thing to thing about when you shim the stand is, IS IT FLAT? If you
add shims just on the corners the middle might sag under the weight of a
full tank. I suggest shimming corners and middle too! I just set up a 65
gallon in our Church a few weeks back and it cracked! I had leveled and
shimmed and stand. I used a 4 foot carpenters lever (worth the cost for this
alone!!) and made sure it didn't rock once I got through shimming. Tank set
there for 4 or 5 weeks before it broke.

I don't know for sure what happened but I have to think that the stand had a
twist in it even though it was level and that put a strain on the glass. So
this time I will level the stand (across the corners and front and back) AND
check the flatness of the stand! As I fill it with water I will leave the
level on the lip of the stand and watch for any gaps to develop.

We have discussed this a great deal on another list and one good tip I got
and will pass on is place a layer of rigid foam between the tank and stand.
The foam will help to take up any irregularities. The foam that is used as
sheathing on the houses looks like it would work well is fairly cheap. If
you can find some new homes being built you can probably find some scrap
pieces they will give you. It comes in 4x8 sheets but I think it is only
like 3-5$ for a whole sheet.

Hope this helps

Jeff <*\\><