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Re: Tying down riccia

I picked up some riccia at an auction a few months ago, and went browsing in
search of a method to tie it down.  I found a site somewhere, but I can't
remember where I found the url.

I just placed the riccia in a layer on top of a rock, and wrapped the whole
rock up in regular sewing thread (starting at one end, around and around,
working to the other end, maybe 1/8" between one wrap and the next).

It all floated to the top within a week.  Perhaps it was the kribs (they
certainly were part of the problem), perhaps it was the type of rock I used,
which was pretty smooth.  That Pet Place sells "riccia stones" in their
catalog, which are intended to be used as anchors.  I have no idea what
they're made of.

I realize this isn't quite what you were looking for, but... perhaps it